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Fact to be of teh daily today

2009-08-08 00:46:27 by gubthebub

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1. leg
2. I Am DAVID was a terrible movie.
3. I will press backspace right no

Fact to be of teh daily today

You bring the frowns and dicks of unconquered female peasents to my ass's crack! You fuck my queen. You threaten my frogs with peace and escape from the torture and pain i inflict on them every day! Oh, I've chosen my words horribly, Mom. Perhaps you shouldn't have done the same.
This is a cookie! This is tasty!
Tasty? Cookie? THIS IS..........mmmm, this does taste good!! This Is COOKIE!

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Facts of the Daily!

2009-07-27 22:05:34 by gubthebub

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1. Sombody told me you had a boyfriend
2. He looked Like a girlfreind
3. But he fucked you...

Daily facts of the day!:

2009-07-26 05:55:25 by gubthebub

1. Einstien was a german koala.
2. Fishes can't have anal.
3. Fat tuesday was named after your mom!

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Now, that's one manly feat, woman.

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seanyhse tyhhyjn7wow was a fuctksterxdfhyodumb fishstick stole my prize...

I think you are hot

2009-05-07 03:03:41 by gubthebub

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