Once upon a tym, ter was shit

2009-08-29 07:34:06 by gubthebub

tair was once this one time in teh anchent china town wher man poop smelly stuf it is nice bitch? and chinchang ates it. he died frum pooperization. And dead faggot com magggetymaggot out of his nostul. what the hel is dis ubout? "eis9 said it nice!" said fuckface-chen, so whe likes it good fuck. This storyy suck assss. Fuck u bitch

Be back next week for 'Pow-ping pang takes a walk in ancient china town;!


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2009-08-29 07:40:19

There is an age limit on newgrounds you know

gubthebub responds:

I know. Why?